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Andy Hayes

Software Developer / Human

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Work Samples and Related Projects

This website
  HTML, Javascript, CSS   0   0
A 'falling sand' game recreation done in Processing. Currently only sand and water implemented
  Processing   0   0
A program written in C to estimate Pi using the Monte Carlo method of estimation.
  C   0   0
Mobile game created for software design semester project
  Java, Android Studio   1   1


High-performance Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Graduate from Macalester College. I believe in human-centered design and person to person change. Substantial experience in the service sector along with a childhood in team sports helped me develop strong communication skills with the ability to lead a group to a common goal.

I am a goal oriented person, and I have a passion for learning. My strongest skills are self teaching and open mindedness. Aside from software development, my hobbies include marathon running, piano playing, and golf.

Development Experience

Python, Java, Javascript (NodeJS/TS, React), HTML, CSS, Docker, Kubernetes, GRPC, Microservices, RStudio, SQL, Shell


Email: andrew.c.hayes1@gmail.com

Phone: 773 391 9185